Commenting on the Tsarist military leadership in August 1914, Solzhenitsyn in August 1914, p. 508 (Glenny translation, previously cited) and p. 467 (Avgust chetyrnadstatogo (Paris: YMCA Press, 1971.) noted, “And before [general] Nechvolodov had summed them up, they had summed him up–as an alien and dangerous presence for the very reason that he was not seeking personal advantage and his actions might therefore prove ruinous to his fellow officers.” [И прежде, чем Нечволодов это понял, уже поняли егоЬ как человека, чуждого их среде, опасного тем именно, что не ищет себе пользы и потомы его действия могут быть разрышутельны для сослуживцев.]


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