Mankind As Test Mice

We think leaders have purpose, try to fulfill a vision. We even are happy to assume that “our” leaders pursue national security, if, perhaps, with something of a self-serving bias. Might it be more accurate to view leaders as tinkerers, folks who pursue power because they are full of ideas they want to try out, like a scientist who does experiments simply for “the sake of knowledge,” worrying no more about the fate of their subjects than the scientist worries about his test mice?

Solzhenitsyn [Солженицын] remarks in The Gulag Archipelago [79]:

Юридической же формы, как  и у раскулачивания,  у не?
не было. Уголовный  кодекс был сам по себе,  а ссылка сотен тысяч человек --
сама по себе.  Это было личное распоряжение монарха. Кроме того, это был его
первый  национальный эксперимент  подобного  рода, это  было  ему  интересно

For further thoughts (and before you dismiss the bad old Soviet days as irrelevant to our new world), see “Leaders: Experimenting on us?


One comment on “Mankind As Test Mice

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