In Denial






王顧左右而言他。[Liang Hui Wang Ch 13 in CText.]

  1. Mencius said to the king Hsuan of Ch’i, “Suppose that one of your Majesty’s ministers were to entrust his wife and children to the care of his friend, while he himself went into Ch’u to travel, and that, on his return, he should find that the friend had let his wife and children suffer from cold and hunger;–how ought he to deal with him?” The king said, “He should cast him off.”

  2. Mencius proceeded, “Suppose that the chief criminal judge could not regulate the officers under him, how would you deal with him? ” The king said, “Dismiss him.”

  3. Mencius again said, “If within the four borders of your kingdom there is not good government, what is to be done?” The king looked to the right and left, and spoke of other matters. [The Works of Mencius, Bk. 1, Ch. 6 in James Legge, The Chinese Classics pp. 164-5.]


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